Emberwind Manual, PC/MAC

Table of contents

  1. Installation
  2. Introduction
  3. Controls
  4. GamePlay
  5. Progression


To install Emberwind on PC, double click the installer and follow the simple onscreen instructions. The game will automatically launch on completion of installation.

To install Emberwind on MAC, double click the disk image and drag the Emberwind icon over to the Applications shortcut. Close the disk image and click the Emberwind shortcut in the Applications folder in the Finder.


The title screen will prompt the player to -press any key- to advance into the front end main menu screen. A default player profile "Kindle" is provided and the default selection "Start game" is given so the player can proceed quickly into the game.

"New player" can be used to create additional player profiles.

"Help&Options" Is a list of sub features the player can access and change anytime during the game. This includes SFX, Music volumes, Fullscreen, Widescreen and tutorial tip display.

"How to play" is a useful visual gameplay instruction manual the player can view to learn unlocked skills. Additional skills are unlocked by collecting gold skill books spread throughout the first five stages.

"Highscore", "Credits" and "Back to Menu" buttons are provided for interested or exiting players.

"Quit" closes the Emberwind application.

To quickly get in-game:
  • Enter using the default player profile and view or skip the story presented.
  • The player is deployed onto a world map and automatically moved to the first playable stage icon.
  • Click the left mouse button or "A" button on the first stage icon to enter the stage.


Keyboard Controls

Spacebar:   Attack
Up:         Jump
Ctrl:       Interact/Enter/Exit
Esc:        Pause Menu (Quit Game)
Left/Right: Move




The primary goal of Emberwind is to explore stages looking for up to 6 houses per stage to visit. When the player visits a house they must light the fireplace by touching it to prevent the people inside from being attacked by gremlins. The house status information is displayed in the upper left hand corner of the HUD and updates as progress is made.
Once players have lit up all the fireplaces in a stage they will be allowed to return to their owl and continue to the next stage.

Entrances, Exits, Doors and Caves.

Throughout the entire game there are doors blocking the players passage. The player will need to break them open and enter the passageway by using the interact button.

Lamp posts

These are placed throughout standard stages and can be lit on touch. They are tempoary checkpoint the player can use to respawn should the meet with defeat.

Boss Battles

These are designed as a tug of war encounters, when the player damages a boss for one life they will gain one life and vice versa.

Bonus Stage

If a player completes a boss battle an additional stage will unlock on the progression map allowing them to enter and play against the cloud king's army. During this stage the player controls their snow owl attacking with unlimited and charged up ice beams. The cloudmen will explode into golden Donguri and multiplier wings. Players can replay the bonus stage until they scuessfuly survive or complete it, after every boss battle all bonus stages are unlocked an additional time for replay.


If the player maintains a chain attack a special firestar burst will trigger at 30, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and on 100 it will launch fireworks at all gremlins on screen. Firework pickups can also be found hidden away or sometimes drop out of certain types of enemies.


Players are rewarded food for saving villagers and deeply exploring stages. Different types of food restore certain amounts of the player's life.


In each standard stage there is one of each type of brownie. The player can pick up or swap to a brownie they have found to gain its special range attack.
  • Blue "Nod" releases magic dust that puts enemies to sleep.
  • Yellow "Lucky" releases Donguri that change into golden Donguri when they contact and damage a target.
  • Green "Toss" releases a small tornado that sends enemies flying into the air stunning them as they land.
  • Purple "Bubba" releases a bubble that captures and chokes enemies caught inside.
  • Red "Burnie" releases an explosive fireball that eradicates everything it hits.
Each brownie has a unique cooldown before they may fire again depending on their type.
  • If players collect a Pixie Stick while they own a brownie they will gain unlimited fire for a short time.
  • If the player dies or attacks a brownie it will run away never to be seen again in that play session of the stage.

Golden Donguri and Wishing Wells

Each standard stage has one or more wishing wells. Players can use the action key to ante 10 golden Donguri for a chance at big loot.
Players are still rewarded points for Donguri if they finish the stage without finding the well but you earn more at the wishing well.


Three fireflies follow the players around nearly anywhere they go, these stange pets will flash and glow if secrets are near. The player can then use the action key to send them of to reveal what they have discovered.
Fireflies have many uses and we encourage players to experement to unlock their mysteries.


Life UP (Points)

The player is rewarded an additional maximum life point for specific score amounts.

Attack UP (Melee Damage)

In each standard stage there is a single fairy stone that the player may summon a "Flamesprite" at. For every three Flamesprites the player collects they will be given a melee damage attack upgrade.

Skill UP (Books)

The first five stages host a number of skill books. Each book will unlock new moves with displayed controls for the player to utilize.
Mastering these moves will encourage and aid the player in exploring stages for more points and savvy combat.